Information on drug addiction

This is a state in, which one cannot do without the drug. Drugs include a division of two categories namely, medicinal and illicit drugs. The main purpose of medicinal drugs is to treat, hamper the growth and development of an infection. On the other hand, any drug or substance used by individuals for their own purpose can be classified under, illicit drugs. These drugs are as illegal as they sound while the law prohibits their use. Medicinal drugs come with a physician’s prescription. In some cases, such drugs lead to addiction.
Types of drugs
There are various types of drugs, depending the ones classified according to the abuse level. Some of the common types of drugs include hard drugs such as bang and heroin, medicinal drugs such as sedatives and amoxicillin and inhalants such as glue and petrol.
Commonly abused drugs
Illicit drugs are still on the rise hence the need to highlight such examples. They include, among many others, tobacco, bang, illicit brews, caffeine, and inhalants such as glue and petrol.
Effects of drug addiction
Effects of drug addiction come in various ways, depending on one’s consistent use. One issue to condemn and blame for addiction includes the myths and misconceptions that go around drugs. For example, the number of tablets taken at a time is directly proportional to the time taken to heal. The media can also be blamed for this. This is because they must to making profits at the expense of the viewers by advertising various alcoholic brands, and merging them with positive social aspects like education and successful achievements. Peer pressure has also largely contributed to drug addiction.
Health effects
Health effects associated to drug addiction come in two categories. These are both short term effects and long term effects. The short term effects surface as soon as one takes the drugs. Some of these effects include loss of appetite, lack of a balanced diets, excessive sweating and poor judgment. As for the long term effects, they surface after a long time of consistent use of the same drugs. The first thing they present is dependency. This is what confirms one as a slave of a given drug. The effects in this category are usually permanent medical disorders like insomnia, cirrhosis and many more.
Social effects
These are the societal imbalances caused y drug addicts. For example, out of drug influence, incidences such as fights, rape and personal defamation are common. These conditions have always contributed to the high toll of street urchins, early marriages and more.
Financial effects
As one may be striving to maintain the supply chain of the drugs, other resources may be getting depleted. After exploitation of the resources, the addicts turn their attention to family resources.
It is never too late. Getting assistance from a rehabilitation center can work. Alternatively, why do people waste time creating mountains from small hills? Simply, stay out of drugs!

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