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A Guide to IP Telephone Systems Telephone systems have always done what we could not live without like answering calls, dialing phone numbers, transferring and holding calls and its other fundamental features. At present, technological advancement have made telephone systems even better, with their ability to interconnect with each other. One of the conveniences we have received from these advancements is the automation of everyday tasks and that is why telephone systems are significantly contributing to increased staff productivity and the lowering of operational costs. When the new millennium set in, there was a big turn witnessed in voice traffic transmission methods. Circuit switching gave way to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP and packet switching became the new standard to follow. The improvements in data networking and the speed and quality of the internet allowed calls to be delivered worldwide across internet connections at very fast speeds, even eliminating the problem of sound quality. Telephone system suppliers at present offer IP enabled or Pure IP solutions. A telephone system is IP enabled if traditional digital telephone systems are adapted to support VoIP technology. When a service provider installs a pure IP systems then this is based on pure IP switching method. The pure IP telephone systems offer better scalability and can integrate well with 3rd party systems and software.
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Broadband users are allowed to make calls over the internet for free through VoIP. But for it to work, both the transmitter and the receiver should have the same software and service. The main disadvantage is the each user must be online and uses the same service. Calling via landline or mobile means you need to go out of the VoIP network coverage. Then you calls will be charged.
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Business now use VoIP system which is also extending its use in small and medium sized businesses switching to this technology. Below are some key benefits that can be derived from IP Telephone systems. If each office location is enabled with a VoIP Telephone System, then you can easily link these locations together through the internet. You can make seamless calls free of charge to different office locations through internet dialing. Other benefits include cost savings on using inter branch calls, unified extension number planning, centralized management, applications sharing, and many more. In other words, all inter-office calls are free and every staff member can reach all remote staff by dialing their internal extension numbers. Integration of small offices and remote workers or workers at home is also possible in a VoIP network. From any location, voice mail can accessed, you can record calls and view call history. This is a standard feature of VoIP telephone systems. Every day changes in the telephone systems can simply be assigned to a single staff member.

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