Doing Semiotics: A Research Guide for Marketers at the Edge of Culture

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The semiotics discipline – a hybrid of communication science and anthropology – accounts for the deep cultural codes that structure communication and sociality, endow things with value, move us through constructed space, and moderate our encounters with change. Doing Semiotics shows readers how to leverage these codes to solve business problems, foster innovation, and create meaningful experiences for consumers. In addition to the key principles and methods
of applied semiotics, it introduces the basics of branding, strategic decision-making, and cross-cultural marketing management.

Through practical exercises, examples, extended team projects, and evaluation criteria, this book guides students through the application of learning to all phases of semiotics-based projects for communications, brand equity management, design strategy, new product development, and public policy management. In addition to tools for sorting data and mapping cultural dimensions of a market, it includes useful interview protocols for use in focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographic
studies, as well as expert case studies that will enable readers to apply semiotics to consumer research.

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